Creating Composite Components in JSF2

Date March 26, 2012

I’m in the early stages of upgrading Converge from JSF 1.2 to JSF 2. I’ve been holding back for too long but finally decided that now is the time to get it done. Initially I was waiting for component libraries to be released for JSF 2. In the current version of Converge we are using […]

Review: JBoss RichFaces 3.3 by Demetrio Filocamo

Date December 7, 2009

Review of the JBoss RichFaces book by Demetrio Filocamo published by Packt Publishing

Sending files through action listeners

Date March 16, 2009

For this weeks JSF tip, I’ll show you how to send binary data (such as a file) to the user by way of an action handler or listener. Say, you want to generate a custom PDF and send it to the user as he clicks a link. You need a JSF page, and a backing […]

JSF and I18N

Date March 9, 2009

It has been a busy year so far. Every year I start out thinking that I really need to relax because the previous year was too hectic, but every year it ends up being much more hectic. Anyway, I thought I’d post a JSF quick time that might shave some headache for people developing internationalised […]

Getting value expressions from f:attributes

Date November 24, 2008

If you have a custom converter or validator you may provide these with the option of letting developers specify attributes. For example, let’s say that we are creating a converter that will allow the formatting of a Calendar object. Note, that the <f:convertDateTime /> is for Date objects (which can be easily retrieved from a […]

MyFaces and Facelets – The Definitive Guide

Date October 9, 2008

For the past five months or so, I’ve had the pleasure of participating as a contributing author and editor of the recently released Apress publication, “MyFaces and Facelets – The Definitive Guide”. It was a great experience that I hope that I’ll be able to relive in the near future on other book writing projects. […]

Using Facelets with NetBeans 6.1 (without nbfaceletssupport)

Date May 8, 2008

–Update 27. May 2008: You can download the Facelets NetBeans plug-in for 6.1 from:– I’m a fan of Facelets when it comes to templating for JSF applications. Prior to version 6.1 of NetBeans I was using the nbfaceletssupport plug-in. Sure, it had its quirks, but overall it was a good plug-in. After installing NetBeans […]

Creating a generic error page for JSF

Date April 18, 2008

Sometimes using FacesMessages is not sufficient for reporting errors. For example, if you have a runtime error (invalid JSF mark-up or NullPointerExceptions) it is difficult to report them using FacesMessage. Creating a generic error page for JSF is similar to creating a generic error page for plain JSP applications. You’ll need a configuration in web.xml […]

Example of using custom facelet tags

Date March 18, 2008

Rather than using includes when creating templates you can create your own custom facelet tags without the husle of creating a JSF component from scratch. As an example, I’ll create a menu tag that can be used to switch a selected menu item on and off. Here is the menu (save it as /WEB-INF/facelets/tags/menu.xhtml): <ui:composition […]

Creating a custom JSF message component

Date February 12, 2008

The other day I was tasked with creating feedback messages for a JSF-based application as JavaScript alert dialogues. JSF already got a tag for displaying messages attached to components (<h:message /> and <h:messages />), however they are limited to render the text using a given cascading style sheet class for each level of severity. This […]